Preditor- ink on canvas by Ben Boston

Art by Ben Boston

Ben Boston is an artist who uses tattooing as one of his mediums. He is also a very accomplished painter, who is starting to make a name for himself in the art world as well as in the tattooing community.

Here we are displaying a small selection of Ben's work.

"Hanger 58"

Hanger 58 - Painting by Bristol Artist Ben Boston


Marvellous - by Bristol artist Ben Boston

"Ben's Bristol"

Planet Boston

This work has become very well known in Bristol. Ben auctioned it on 'e-bay' and gave the proceeds to the "Cots for Tots" Bristol charity.

"British Bull Dog"


British Bull Dog by Ben Boston

"Burning Heart"

Burning Heart - Painting by Ben Boston


"Bristol Blue"

Bristol Blue by Ben Boston


Predator - painting by Ben Boston


MonaDusa - painting by Ben Boston

"Scooters on Brighton Front"

Scooters on Brighton Front by Ben Boston

Ben painted this for Steuart's 65 birthday - the aged mod was over the moon!

"The Great (esc) Ape"

The Great (esc) Ape" by Ben Boston

Ben is selling limited edition prints to celebrate Bristol Zoo's 175th Aniversary Gorilla Show with profits going to Bristol Children's Hospital.

"Dubble Trouble"

Dubble Trouble - oil on canvas by Bristol Artist Ben Boston

"Day of the Dead"

Day of the Dead painting by Ben Boston

"Parlour Girls"

Tattoo Parlour Girls Painting by Ben Boston



Ben is enjoying painting so much that he is considering taking on commissions - why not pop in and have a chat with Ben.