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Welcome to The Tattoo Studio

No Attitude! No Nonsense! Just 100% professional tattooing at painless prices.

That was our proud boast when we first opened The Tattoo Studio fifteen years ago (where did they go?). A bit over confident for New Kids you might think. Looking back that’s probably true, but that’s how we felt at the time, Well Up For It and with Dave in the piercing room and Stu in the driving seat, leaving me free to concentrate on tattooing; we were Ready to Rock!

We shared a belief that tattooing deserved greater exposure than it was currently receiving, and that more popular acceptance of skin art was just around the corner. We realised that what was once perceived to be the province of bikers, seamen and convicts and often seen as a bit back street, could become a widespread art form available to be enjoyed by folk from all walks of life. Well we called that one right, with shops opening daily all over the country and fantastic work being created the world over, and everyone a potential customer. That to us is especially important.

You see artistic integrity and image are all very well, but we believe that the customer is King (or Queen). We have a firm conviction that if we are taking money that I should not only create a great tattoo, but we should all show maximum respect and provide a comfortable atmosphere. When it comes to tattooing, I see my role as translating the customer’s own ideas, as closely to the way they imagine them as possible, no matter how way out they may be. This presents me with the challenge of working in a great number of differing styles to achieve a realisation of the client’s dream. This in turn makes my working life more interesting and hugely rewarding. I can honestly say that I still look forward to work every day.

Well fifteen years have passed and we are no longer the new kids on the block. Our original statement is still our aim. Do we achieve it? You will have to judge that for yourselves, as others have in the past. I am honoured to have one of the best client lists in the business, and many have become personal friends over the years.

We don’t seek awards or honours; at the end of the day they are no substitute for a satisfied customer. That said, I did feel a tinge of pride, when one of our best customers received a trophy at the prestigious 2010 London Tattoo Convention.

Well enough chat for now – here’s our web site (nice one Ralph!)

This site can however, only give you a taster; so why not come down and see us, have a look at what we do and have a chat about what we can do for you.

All that’s left for me to do, on behalf of Stu and myself, is to thank all of our customers, past and present and you for checking out The Tattoo Studio.

Ben Boston